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What I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Blogging

woman writing in journal for blog

I started blogging five, almost six, years ago.

Not sure what prompted my interest in online publishing. A suppressed photojournalism interest? Compounding frustration from an unfruitful post-grad job hunt? My millennial-attempt at trying to find a solution to the whole Great-Recession-killed-our-careers? Who knows.

My first blog post was a 2,500-word essay on job interviews (APA-style referencing included). Ew.

I wish I could say the next post was better, but that’s probably a stretch. Blogging, like most new skills, took awhile to get the hang of. Writing styles, SEO, images –  were all new concepts to a fresh academic. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, joined some Facebook groups, and read everything the Content Marketing Institute put out on blogging.

Over time, and a few dozen courses, I began to feel more comfortable with sharing my journey online.

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Career Advice/ Entrepreneurship/ Freelancing/ Technology

9 Tips for Writing Your First eBook

eBooks are all the rage.

Nifty little self-published jewels of personalized expertise – amazing!

Perhaps you’ve downloaded a few noteworthy eBooks; maybe you’re new to the whole eBook scene.

That’s cool. 

Regardless of your company’s stage of development, industry, or market, creating an eBook can be a great way to provide value to your customers and establish your expertise.

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How to Monetize Your Writing

monetize writing

Guest Contributor: Kayleigh Toyra

Always dreamt of earning money with the power of your pen?

Making money online through your writing skills is very rewarding, but you need to be committed to the hustle in order to succeed.

​It isn’t as easy as just sitting down with a coffee one fine morning and writing a best-selling ebook. In order to succeed as an online writer, you need to come up with sticky sales strategies, build up a credible brand, and constantly improve on your own expertise.

Here are some clever strategies and tips to help you (literally) make the most of your words.

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Millennial Spotlights/ Millennials

Millennial Spotlight: Riley de Leon

riley de leon

Riley is a sophomore at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism pursuing a degree in strategic communications and entrepreneurship. Riley’s unlimited drive began in high school when he founded two non-profit organizations that, to date, have collectively raised over $100,000 in domestic and international benefit.

The Springfield, Missouri native was propelled into his career at 17 years old when he wrote his first book, Life’s not always written in Times New Roman, now published in 5 different countries. ​In addition to being a full-time student and now two-time published author, Riley continues to travel and speak about the importance of self-awareness and the challenges faced by young adults. He has been featured in The Huffington Post, USA Today, and on CBS News.

As a keynote speaker and mentor, Riley’s purpose is to inspire a generation of millennials, both the under-appreciated and the over-coddled, who are too easily discouraged by the world we currently live in, and activate them to overcome their fear of stepping up to change it. As a result of working with Riley, students around the world have experienced significant shifts in confidence.

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4 Reasons You Should Start a Blog


I love blogging. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. 

Wanna know a secret?

I didn’t always love blogging.

In total truth, I never really considered myself a “writer” and had a nice fat “C” on English Comp to back that up. Blogging? Yeah, I used to think that was just something for bored housewives and armchair historians to fill the endless hours. I had no idea it was freakin’ awesome. 

Fast-forward five years. 

I blog almost daily – from my personal blog to client’s blogs to national media blogs, blogging has become a major component of my daily life, and arguably, a total game changer for my career.

Today, I love blogging, and I think you will too, so here’s my stab at four reasons you should stop everything you’re doing right now and start your very own blog:

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