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Yes, You Can Learn to Code

Learn to Code

Technology dominates our lives.

Almost every job involves staring at a screen of some type – whether you’re planting a field of corn from a John Deere tractor or processing patient intakes at an area hospital, we’re all spending a considerable amount of our day on some technological device.

Despite our culture’s increasing reliance on tech-based innovations, the average user knows little to nothing of how such programs are run and are unable to describe even the basic of computer-driven functions.

The job outlook within the technology sector continues to increase (no surprise there), with many of these positions requiring little more than an online certificate and some project experience. For those with industry experience, like Front End Developers, opportunities routinely compensate six figures, with many of these offering remote working environments.

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Kansas City’s Startup Scene

Kansas City’s one of those surprising Midwestern entrepreneurial hubs, at least that’s what I’m told when networking in NYC and SoCal.

A quick look at Kansas City’s industrial history, especially within the realm of agriculture and energy, will reveal ample evidence supporting the City of Fountains’ long standing tradition of entrepreneurial innovation.

In 2015, Cushman & Wakefield ranked Kansas City (KC) as one of the top tech cities in the nation. Since then, KC has continued to maintain top rankings in the realm of entrepreneurship and technology, proving there’s more to this former-flyover city than may initially meet the eye.

As a non-Midwestern native, I met KC’s recent headlining as “America’s Most Entrepreneurial City” with great skepticism. I’d previously regarded the KC area as a landlocked metro surrounded by wheat fields, and inhabited by 1980’s-era conservatives.  Continue Reading…

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10 Apps Every Freelancer Needs

Freelancing – known by some as the “future of employment”– is quickly making waves as a viable career option for many talented professionals. According a 2014 survey conducted by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 34 percent of the U.S. workforce – 53 million Americans – currently worked as “freelancers”.

Exchanging long commutes and rigid office hours for the freedom of freelancers, many members of the gig economy report improved work life balance and overall quality of life vs. that experienced in traditional work settings.

Thanks to technology’s implementation within the modern workplace, we can expect continued wide spread adaptation of the freelancer arrangement, turning the home-based contractor into the professional of the future.

If you’re dabbling in the world of freelancing, chances are you’ve encountered a need for some time-saving and productivity-making tools to assist with your work goals. Continue Reading…

Entrepreneurship/ Technology

3 Tips for Automating Your Business

business automation

Running a business can be hectic, and chances are, you didn’t dive off into the world of entrepreneurship to make your life more stressful.

​Whether you’re running a full-service consulting firm, or juggling freelancing + full-time job, implementing some time-saving (and stress-reducing) automation into your business model can be a god-send.

So if you’re tired of feeling run ragged, burned out from endless client communications, or just about to pull the final strand of hair out over your dream biz turned nightmare, check out these three automation areas that are guaranteed to make entrepreneurial life a little more enjoyable: Continue Reading…

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7 Networking Apps for Millennial Professionals

millennial networking apps

We live in a digital age – it seems as though everything is online these days, including networking. Forget Chamber Coffees, Meet and Greets, and the Elk Lodge; millennials are networking, but they are doing online.

While popular social media platforms – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- can be used for networking purposes, they aren’t really set-up for developing professional network, and one’s attempts to “connect” can come across as rather spammy.

Good News: There’s a variety of network-specific apps with easy-to-use connectivity functions and a user base of like-minded professionals eager to grow their networks.

Here’s a listing of seven networking apps every millennial professional should explore: Continue Reading…

Entrepreneurship/ Technology

6 Graphic Design Resources for Entrepreneurs


How do you feel about graphic design?

Does it make you cringe?

Do you consistently put off your “update graphics” to-do list?

Would you rather watch 24 hours of non-stop PBS streaming than tackle a new logo for your brand?

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s important to recognize that you’re not alone.

Graphic design is an essential part of business, but not all business people are graphic designers (and that’s okay!).

Good news: there are a TON of easy to use resources available for even the most non-artsy of us entrepreneurs. No more sad face – the graphic design fairy is here (in the form of super cool apps and software).

Here are six of my go-to graphic design resources that take the headache out of designing and leave my brand with swanky art:

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How to Start a Business FREEBIE!

Early in my career, when I didn’t know an asset from a liability, I found myself wishing for a quick and easy “how-to” guide for starting a business.

“Why does it have to be this complicated?!” I loathed. 

Business plans, incorporation forms, financial forecasts, market research – would someone please make this process just a little simpler!

Good news! 

Intuit QuickBooks has answered the plight of the cash strapped entrepreneur, and produced a super cool (and totally FREE!) resource that takes all the hair pulling out of starting a business!

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