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My Phone is My Best Friend

woman holding phone

I have a very on-again/off-again, love-hate relationship with my smartphone.

As a marketing professional that spends 6+ hours a day on social media, I can’t exactly ditch the device and still pay my bills.

As an avid outdoorswoman (yes, that is a word) that really, really enjoys breaks from the 9-to-5 screentime, I pretty much continually fantasize about throwing my always-there mobile device off the peak of a Colorado 14er, watching as it shatters into a thousand inoperable pieces on the rocks below.

I’ve done digital detoxes (LOVE!!!), commit to frequent screen breaks, and stick to a pretty rigid schedule of when I’m staring into that little Wi-Fi powered box and when I’m not. Overall, I’d say I have a pretty healthy relationship with technology, especially since my job depends on spending a LOT of time online. It takes commitment, and structure, but (most of the time) it works.

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5 Ways to Curb Entrepreneur Loneliness

All my besties were made at work or school.

Maybe it’s because that’s where I spent all my time; maybe it’s because I’m just lazy on the friend-making arena and never wanted to venture out.

Or maybe I’m one of those people – the kind that prefers all socialization to be task oriented. I seem to recall a name for that from my undergrad psychology classes…

Anyway, I’m quite limited on the friend making means, something that forced an abrupt realization when I left my job and grad school to work for myself – alone, as a “solopreneur”.

While not having to deal with annoying coworkers, overbearing bosses, and other workplace antics beautifully illustrated on almost any episode of The Office, was nice, I did miss my work friends. While these friendships were rarely close, they were convenient and predictable.  Continue Reading…


Sleeping With Your Business Partner

 With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m reminded of just how much my Valentine (and business partner) means to me.

Over the past few years, we’ve been through a lot – failed businesses, war injuries, corrupt bureaucracy, grad school, more businesses, health issues, cross-country moves, death of loved ones, plus all the other normal “life” stuff. Entrepreneurship adds an exciting (and sometimes, terrifying) dynamic to our already unconventional arrangement as a very millennial, ex-military, over educated, super liberal , internationally traveled, very tattooed couple.

As we’ve routinely encountered over the past five plus years, running a business or side hustle with your significant other can create a multitude to challenges and opportunities specific to the “I sleep with my business partner” element.

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How To Be in a Relationship if You’re an Entrepreneur


by Guest Contributor, Liz Higgins

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are truly a double edged sword.

But a beautiful sword, at that! 

There are so many incredible things about you: Your drive, motivation, creativity, and passion for what you do. It takes a unique person to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship, and you’re one of them.

But how do these characteristics translate in your relationship? 

The truth is, the strengths in certain aspects of your life can often manifest as challenges in your personal relationships. Has your partner ever dubbed you selfish, flakey, disconnected, uncaring, cold, harsh, boring, or crazy? I want to normalize that right now as these are common generalizations made toward entrepreneurs by their partners. The truth is, it is challenging to balance the life of owning your own business/being your own boss and being in a healthy, interdependent relationship. 

Here are some tips to consider that may help with your relationship success in accordance with maintaining your life as a successful entrepreneur: Continue Reading…