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My Phone is My Best Friend

woman holding phone

I have a very on-again/off-again, love-hate relationship with my smartphone.

As a marketing professional that spends 6+ hours a day on social media, I can’t exactly ditch the device and still pay my bills.

As an avid outdoorswoman (yes, that is a word) that really, really enjoys breaks from the 9-to-5 screentime, I pretty much continually fantasize about throwing my always-there mobile device off the peak of a Colorado 14er, watching as it shatters into a thousand inoperable pieces on the rocks below.

I’ve done digital detoxes (LOVE!!!), commit to frequent screen breaks, and stick to a pretty rigid schedule of when I’m staring into that little Wi-Fi powered box and when I’m not. Overall, I’d say I have a pretty healthy relationship with technology, especially since my job depends on spending a LOT of time online. It takes commitment, and structure, but (most of the time) it works.

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My First Month with a Standing Desk

White desk with computer and coffee cup

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Standing desks are all the rage, at least that’s what my fellow-techie running group tells me:

Sitting is the new smoking.

Office work leads to an office bod.

Studies show that running an hour a day doesn’t counteract eight spent at a desk, plus a long sedentary commute.

Then my physical therapist started in:

Your back pain is probably exacerbated by your work environment.

Sitting for extended periods of time can aggravate old injuries, like yours.

We think your joint pain could be due to lifestyle extremes – running long distances followed by extended periods of office work.

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3 Social Media Habits That Will Keep You Sane


Social media – an empowering platform or unnecessary evil? Depends on who you ask.

As a marketing consultant and millennial blogger, I spend a lot of time on social media. Posting, streaming, tweeting, and snapping my life, along with the curated content of my client’s, is broadcasted 24/7. The internet never sleeps, and given that my bread and butter is reliant on social media, I found it tempting to justify being “plugged in” around the clock.

Turns out, I’m not the only super “social” professional out there; recent studies show that Americans check their phones an average of 46 times a day and spend over two hours a day logged into a social media platform (some studies reported upwards of five hours a day). Constantly being plugged into social apps has been repeatedly linked with dangerous physical and mental health effects, including anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, neck pain, poor posture, and vision problems.  Continue Reading…


So you wanna become a runner?

Runners are an interesting bunch – up at odd hours, pounding the pavement, eliciting post-holiday sneers as they glide alongside oncoming traffic feeling more than a twinge of guilt about that last slice of Grandma’s pound cake.

A relatively new physiological development (if you’d “gone for a run” in the 1960’s, people would have stopped and asked “What’s chasing you?”), running – and runners – still maintain a fair level of mysticism in regards to their daily exercise practice.

There are currently many over popularized myths surrounding the act of running, with the primary misconception focused on the idea that running requires some special talent or genetic gifting to be a success (who comes up with this stuff?).

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Best Time to Exercise: Before or After Clocking In?

Guest Post by Kelsey Morgan

When your alarm blares early in the morning hours, do you roll over with a smile on your face, ready to confront the day? Or do you snooze the sound over and over again until you have no choice but to get up, or else be late for work?

For those capable of getting up and ready early in the morning, the pre-dawn workout might not be such a big deal. But for the rest of us, the thought only makes us want to snuggle deeper down into our blankets and hide away from everything — sun and all.

There seems to be this pervasive opinion in the realm of health, though, that states working out in the mornings is better than in the evenings. How true is this statement, though? Does the time of day really matter to your metabolism? To the calories you intake? Last time I checked, neither of those things could tell time. Continue Reading…

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3 Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy

Like many young professionals, I wear a lot of hats – business owner, college professor, graduate student, caregiver, etc.

And like many millennials, I’m really into eating healthy and staying fit.

It’s hard to “do all the things” while maintaining a healthy diet (and did we mention “budget-friendly”?).

While I may not have time to prepare home cooked meals every night, nor maintain a half acre garden of organic produce, I do have several options available to make eating right a whole lot easier.

So if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with work/school/everything else, and are interested in improving your diet in a way that doesn’t wreck your busy schedule, here are three options out there to help you meet your health goals:

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5 Tips for Your First Digital Detox

As you may remember from last month, I’d shared my mobile device dependence experience in Unplugging: My First Digital Detox post.

Over the course of three days, I’d gone tech-free (including my phone) and journaled the concerns and emotions ditching my devices brought up.

​It wasn’t easy, but it was much needed.

I was so pleased with the health benefits going three days without devices provided that I’ve made this whole “digital detox thing” a regular event.

It’s been a wonderful way to reconnect with the non-tech world, along with myself, recharge and refocus in a way that leaves me towards optimal experiences with my community, family, and work. Continue Reading…

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Unplugging: My First Digital Detox

Confession: I’m a pretty tech-obsessed millennial.

Over the past few years, the digital world has emerged into a portal for me to realize exciting opportunities, expand my network, and connect with inspiring individuals around the globe.

Maintaining a fairly consistent presence on a variety of social apps, e-mail, and my blog has evolved as one of my favorite expressions; however, digital saturation can have its drawbacks – like when I start to think “in tweets” or am unable to sleep due to an obsessive tendency to monitor a well-performing Instagram post.

Left unchecked, the technological advances that make our lives easier can become major hindrances to our well-being.

​Recent surveys show I’m not the only tech-dependent professional: a 2015 Deloitte survey revealed that the average American checks their phone 46 times a day. Continue Reading…

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Just Say “No”: Career Advice for the Overwhelmed

I’m a “Yes” person – it’s been my standing default response to just about anything, even stuff I really didn’t want to do.

Here’s just a sampling of the “I’m saying yes but really want to say no but don’t for god knows why” scenarios I’ve found myself in:

  • “Want to eat grilled alligator for dinner, Hannah?”
    • Gulp. “Yes,” I meekly respond, silently gagging inside.
  • “While the semester starts this Monday, we were thinking you could add on an additional three hour course to your teaching schedule. Want to?”
    • Cringing at the thought of creating an entire new course in 48 hours, I whisper a quasi-confident “Yes.
  • “I know we agreed on a smaller campaign, but the board decided we wanted something bigger and we want it to start next week. You can do that, right?”
    • Another (hesitant) but near-automatic “Yes” reply, as I mentally make a list of all the weekend plans I have to cancel to pull off this client’s request.

All I had to do was say “no”, but I didn’t.

Instead, I felt as though there was only one answer I could say, regardless of what I wanted to do or not do – “Yes.”

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Sick Day Strategies for Entrepreneurs

sick day strategies

It’s that time of year again – flu season – and it’s taking out even the most determined of us.

As an entrepreneur, you may not have the luxury of simply “calling in sick” and sleeping through the rest of day like your employed counterparts. Instead, for many of us solopreneurs, the business goes on – with or without us.

I ended up succumbing to the dreaded flu, and you know what? My business wasn’t prepared. In fact, all h*ll broke loose. While I was in the process of diligently automating the majority of my operation, such undertakings were only halfway completed, and we were right in the middle of a new course launch and a book project. Eck. It was bad.

My flu experience brought to light many areas of my business operation that needed innovation, but it also presented the question: What’s an entrepreneur to do when they feel like sh*t and need to take a sick day? Continue Reading…