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Spread some Llama Love on Giving Tuesday

Hannah Becker holding a llama for Heifer INnternational Giving Tuesday

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday – let’s talk Giving Tuesday.

A relatively new campaign, Giving Tuesday was introduced by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a response to holiday themes of non-stop consumerism.

By shifting the focus from buying stuff to  helping others, Giving Tuesday provides an awesome opportunity for people just like you and me to donate resources (time, money, food) to organizations dedicated to making our world a better place.

I’ve sworn off the post-Thanksgiving shopping activities for the past five years. Instead of standing in line for more stuff, I’ve made it a priority to support at least one organization on Giving Tuesday.

When I was a broke grad student, supporting took the form of volunteering my time for one day. Following graduation (and a semi-steady paycheck), I started including financial assistance to my giving strategy.

While there’s TONS of amazing charities and nonprofits available to support, this year, I’m really excited to help out an organization that I’m super passionate about.

Any guesses as to which organization tops The Motivated Millennial’s 2017  #GivingTuesday list?

I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with farm animals (my favorite!) and economic empowerment (my double-favorite!).

The 2017 Motivated Millennial Giving Tuesday organization is Heifer International  – an amazing global nonprofit initiative tackling tough issues like hunger and poverty through the gifting of productive  farm animals and economic education. Their unique organizational model addresses many facets of impoverished societies, including resource access, educational needs, and economic development.

Heifer International uses financial donations to fund their multi-faceted international work. As a supporter, you can donate money that allows Heifer International to give farm animals (like this cutesy little llama) to families in need all over the world. And the cool thing about helping start farms in impoverished regions, is that it’s the gift that keeps giving – sheep produce much-needed fiber, cows provide years’ worth of milk, and goats can multiple like another farm animal…those prolific rabbits! Your one-time #GivingTuesday gift can literally feed communities for generations!

I’m supporting Heifer International this Giving Tuesday because it’s an easy way to give gifts that really matter. I would LOVE for you to join me.

When you give this Tuesday, November 28th,all gifts are DOUBLED (yes, you read that right)!!! Twice the help for twice the families. Just go to and give today. Remember, on Giving Tuesday, your gift counts double!

Also, help us spread the #LlamaLove through some social shares!

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