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Millennial Spotlight: Michela Armini



I’m Michela, the founder of The Lovely It Girl, a New York-based boutique personal brand consultancy for entrepreneurial women.

I’m also the creator of The Lovely It Girl Academy, a six-week online personal branding course for It Girls who want to make a living doing what they love.

When were you “bitten” by the entrepreneurial bug?

Growing up I fell prey to what I now like to call the It Girl Illusion: the empty promise that is instilled in many young women that in order to truly “have it all” we have to fit the It Girl image: a girl who has the perfect job, perfect apartment, perfect wardrobe, perfect relationship (you get the picture).
As a perfectionist, the idea of the perfect It Girl life was alluring. But after completing the It Girl checklist, the sparkle of my life began to fade and I was left feeling disillusioned and lost, thinking to myself every day as I sat at my desk at my It Girl job: “Is this really it?”

Craving new It Girl role models, I began connecting with women entrepreneurs in New York who, to me, truly had it all: personal and professional lives they loved infused with passion, purpose and prowess.
These women sparked my personal mission to redefine the It Girl: a bold, beautiful, brilliant woman who wants it all, does it all, and has it all – all on her own terms.

As an It Girl Mentor and personal brand consultant today, I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering women to become the It Girls they were born to be and make a living doing what they love through bespoke personal brands that give them the clarity, confidence, and conviction they need to spread their message, spark their mission, and make their mark on the world.
What’s been the hardest part about starting your own business as a millennial entrepreneur?

The hardest part about starting my own business has been establishing my business and brand alongside my full-time job. By day I am a senior marketing manager at a world-renowned fit lifestyle magazine. so it has taken much dedication, hard work, and personal sacrifices (like working in the evenings and on the weekends) to bring my vision for The Lovely It Girl to life.
What resources have you found helpful in blazing your own trail?

There are so many that I’ve actually created an It List of my personal resources and recommendations that all of my personal brand consulting clients and The Lovely It Girl Academy students receive. Some of my favorites include:

  • Squarespace: before I had my custom website built I had a Squarespace website and still recommend their simple, chic designs to my clients
  • Mailchimp: for list building and newsletters
  • PayPal: for client invoicing
  • Stripe: for online payment processing
  • Asana: for project management
  • Calendly: for consultations and client meeting scheduling
  • Mightybell: for creating online communities
  • Levo: for networking

Who’s your entrepreneurial hero?

Marie Forleo. She has completely redefined what it means to be a successful woman and has sparked a movement of women entrepreneurs who want it all, do it all, and have it all – all on their own terms. I also think she’s a brilliant marketer who has successfully created a powerful, completely authentic personal brand and thriving online business built on an incredible network and online community of loyal fans and followers who spread her message to the masses.
What advice do you have for today’s aspiring entrepreneurs?

Your business or blog should be an extension of your personal brand, not the other way around. Many entrepreneurs invest lots of money into their brand design (website, logo, business cards, etc.) before they are clear on their personal brand strategy. Your message, mission, values and voice are the foundation of your personal brand and will serve as a blueprint for your brand design. 
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