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Millennial Spotlight: Christina Nicholson


Christina Nicholson is a former TV reporter and anchor. She has appeared on-air across the country, from New York City to Miami and even on CNN. Instead of telling stories on TV, now it’s her job to get you to tell your story to the media through media relations, video production, writing, and blogging. If you are a small business owner and you want to promote yourself as an expert in your industry or grow your brand awareness, Christina can make it happen with her company, Media Maven. She’s earned clients coverage on the Today Show, Rachael Ray Show, Washington Post, Men’s Fitness, and many others.

She even helps people who don’t have a budget to hire someone for public relations. She does it through an online course called Master your PR. In it, she teaches everything she does for clients, step-by-step, so you can earn publicity on your own. Originally from Ohio, Christina lives in South Florida with her husband and two young children. She also has a local, family blog, Mascara Maven, which features what’s happening around South Florida, recipes, and advice for young entrepreneurs like her.

What type of services does your company offer?

Christina helps businesses and brands earn exposure in a few different ways. Through media relations, she works with clients to find their newsworthy story that can be turned into a magazine article, feature in a newspaper, or TV news story. She helps small business owners create and write content for their websites or blog. She also shoots, produces, and edits video for online purposes to tell a more visual, captivating story. Christina also continues to appear on-air as a host. You can catch her on national TV shows, international commercials, and every week on

How did you get started with Media Maven?

Media Maven was launched after Christina saw what so many were doing wrong in parts of the media industry. As a journalist, she was on the receiving end of press releases and pitches for a decade. Rarely, did she ever cover a story based off those emails. After two kids, and wanting to have a more family friendly schedule, she decided to help small business owners earn publicity, but do it from another angle – the angle of the reporter. Because she has been on both sides of the industry, she knows what works and what doesn’t.

What’s been the hardest part of starting your own company?

The hardest part for Christina is doing it all. When you are a business owner, you wear many hats. Half of the time is spent working, while the other half is spent making sure you still have work coming in to continue working. There is a lot to juggle. Luckily, Christina is very good at time management and can juggle a lot. (She learned that in news. When the 6 o’clock news starts, you must be ready to go live, on-scene with your story complete, because you can’t postpone a deadline like that!)

When feeling overwhelmed, how do you unwind and refocus?

Christina likes to read when she feels stressed or overwhelmed. Most of what she reads are business books now, but she is a big fan of James Patterson. She got hooked on him while working in New York City and taking a one and half hour subway ride to and from a TV station in the Bronx… each way!

What are some resources you’ve found helpful in blazing your own trail?

Before Christina left the corporate world, she found a lot of helpful advice in Pat Flynn’s podcast, Smart Passive Income. While creating her online course, Master Your PR, Mariah Coz with Femtreprenuer was also very helpful. She also loves to network with other like-minded women in South Florida who are journalists, publicists, and bloggers as well.

If you could spend one day with someone famous, who would it be?

Christina would choose someone she could learn from and who could offer her value and help her grow as a person and business owner… It’d probably be Lori Greiner. Not only is she Christina’s favorite shark on Shark Tank, but her entrepreneurial story shows how hard she worked to get where she is today. (For fun, Khloe Kardashian.) 

Tell us about your latest project. 

Christina just launched Master Your PR. It’s an online course designed just for small business owners who want PR, but can’t afford to hire someone to handle that part of their marketing plan. She came up with the idea after hearing the struggle many small business owners have regarding their budget, and trying to earn publicity but failing because they didn’t know what to do. After ignoring this problem for months, a light bulb went off in her head, “Why don’t I just tell them exactly what to do?!”

What advice do you have other millennial entrepreneurs?

​Don’t be afraid to just do it. So many people don’t go after what they really want because they are afraid of failing or what others will think when they fail. Christina has never been afraid of failing. Not because she doesn’t think it’ll happen. She knows it’s going to happen, but believes that is the best way to learn. As for what people think, she stopped caring about that a while ago. When the going gets tough, she always reminds herself, “If this were easy, everyone would do it.”

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