Holiday Gift Guide for Millennial Entrepreneurs

millennial entrepreneur gift guide

The holiday season is here, and with it comes lots of food, family and non-stop shopping.

If you’ve got an entrepreneur in your life, finding that “perfect” gift for the business-minded trailblazer can be, well, challenging.

​Thus, your friends over at The Motivated Millennial decided to put together a “Millennial Entrepreneur Gift Guide” with your treppy loved ones in mind.

Here’s a few gift suggestions for the millennial entrepreneur:

Spa Day

Entrepreneurs can be a stressed out bunch – ones who could always appreciate a great Spa Day gift certificate. Whether facials, massages, or rejuvenation packages are more their “style”, modern spas will have plenty of relaxing menu options. Does your entrepreneur travel a lot? Consider purchasing a Gift Certificate from a spa franchise, like Massage Envy.

​Online Courses

​Every entrepreneur appreciates some good ol’ fashioned Continuing Education (or maybe even some “New Age” CE – like online courses). Prepurchase enrollment or membership to business-focused education resources, like to our very own MPR Academy – DIY Marketing and PR for Busy Professionals, anyone?

​Publication Subscription

Just because print media is (arguably) dead, doesn’t mean publication subscriptions are totally out of the picture.

Here’s a few subscriptions that would make almost any millennial professional swoon:

Meal Service

​If your entrepreneur is like me, cooking wholesome meals remains at the end of the far-reaching to-do-list. Consider purchasing a meal delivery service for the high powered young entrepreneur. While there’s a variety of options out there (some may be location dependent) here’s a few to get your search started: Blue ApronHome Chef, and Plated.

​Universal Power Bank

​There are few things more stressful for a busy entrepreneur to have their laptop or tablet die mid-client presentation, or get halfway across the country, to that tech conference they’ve been drooling over, only to realize they forgot their charger. Here’s where a universal power bank comes in – easily fits in a laptop bag or carry-on, and only costing a few bucks, this handy device could be a lifesaver for the on-the-go entrepreneur.

​Standing Desk

​Today’s techified entrepreneurs often work long hours glued to their desks, and as we all know (sitting is the new smoking), that much time hunched over a keyboard is NOT healthy. Consider purchasing a standing desk or standing desk convertorfor the busy entrepreneur in your life. Need some leads? VariDesk is my favorite.

Happy Holidays!

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