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Just Say “No”: Career Advice for the Overwhelmed

I’m a “Yes” person – it’s been my standing default response to just about anything, even stuff I really didn’t want to do.

Here’s just a sampling of the “I’m saying yes but really want to say no but don’t for god knows why” scenarios I’ve found myself in:

  • “Want to eat grilled alligator for dinner, Hannah?”
    • Gulp. “Yes,” I meekly respond, silently gagging inside.
  • “While the semester starts this Monday, we were thinking you could add on an additional three hour course to your teaching schedule. Want to?”
    • Cringing at the thought of creating an entire new course in 48 hours, I whisper a quasi-confident “Yes.
  • “I know we agreed on a smaller campaign, but the board decided we wanted something bigger and we want it to start next week. You can do that, right?”
    • Another (hesitant) but near-automatic “Yes” reply, as I mentally make a list of all the weekend plans I have to cancel to pull off this client’s request.

All I had to do was say “no”, but I didn’t.

Instead, I felt as though there was only one answer I could say, regardless of what I wanted to do or not do – “Yes.”

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3 Ways to Beat the Job Hunting Blues

Job hunting is the worst.

Rejection after rejection after rejection has become the norm for even the most talented of professionals.

Having your entire career scrutinized by people that don’t know you, don’t care about you, and are probably driven by their many subconscious biases regarding “people like you” isn’t fun.

In fact, recent studies indicate unemployment is a little more than nauseating – it can have disastrous effects on your health and relationships (not to mention finances).

As a job seeker, it’s hard to keep your chin up when you feel like putting your best foot forward simply results in being knocked to your knees – over and over and over.  Continue Reading…

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How Don Miguel Ruiz’s “Four Agreements” Impacted My Career

In 1997, a distinguished surgeon named Don Miguel Ruiz, authored an incredibly inspiring (yet rather small) book that spent over seven years on the New York Times Bestseller List – The Four Agreements.

One of my entrepreneurial mentors recommended the book to me, during a particularly challenging period of growth within my consulting company. Always down for a good read, I immediately ordered the book devoured its golden nuggets of wisdom in one sitting.

While not a very spiritual person at the time (I was raised in extreme fundamentalism, emerged as an atheist as an adult, and eventually found my way back around to New Age spirituality), the impactful concepts of Toltec inspired wisdom shared throughout the book emerged as incredibly applicable to my very millennial career.

So here are four ways in which Don Miguel’s Four Agreements impacted my career:  Continue Reading…

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How I Discovered an Extra 10 Hours a Week


What images does that word conjure up in your always-busy mind?

A powerful business figure yelling out orders?

A frazzled corporate manager pulling 16 hour days?

A single parent/solopreneur slaving away at their side hustle all weekend?

Is that what being “productive” really is?

​I used to think those destructive visions of “busyness” were the modern workforce’s definition of “productivity”, that was, until at age twenty-seven, I collapsed with searing chest pains, a numb left arm, and inability to breath. Continue Reading…

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Sick Day Strategies for Entrepreneurs

sick day strategies

It’s that time of year again – flu season – and it’s taking out even the most determined of us.

As an entrepreneur, you may not have the luxury of simply “calling in sick” and sleeping through the rest of day like your employed counterparts. Instead, for many of us solopreneurs, the business goes on – with or without us.

I ended up succumbing to the dreaded flu, and you know what? My business wasn’t prepared. In fact, all h*ll broke loose. While I was in the process of diligently automating the majority of my operation, such undertakings were only halfway completed, and we were right in the middle of a new course launch and a book project. Eck. It was bad.

My flu experience brought to light many areas of my business operation that needed innovation, but it also presented the question: What’s an entrepreneur to do when they feel like sh*t and need to take a sick day? Continue Reading…

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My #WorkFromWherever Experiment


On my own from a fairly early age, I’ve always prided myself in the ability to “out work” just about anyone.

Whether it was college sports, my doctoral exams, a coveted internship, or running my own business, I always worked long and hard.

Assessing the quality of my work and its effects on my health and well-being was not something I was accustomed to.

Maybe I lacked self-awareness.

Maybe I lacked understanding.

Maybe I just didn’t know any better.  

For the past few years, I watched in awe as many of my entrepreneurial colleagues have let their office lease expire, converted their established business model to a virtual one, and packed their bags for an international excursion.

“Wow” I thought, “I could never do that.”

But I wanted to – bad. Continue Reading…

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OCD: How Social Media Can Bring Us Down

social media mental health

I do it. 

You do it.

We all do it.

Obsessive Comparison Disorder, a non-scientific term coined by millennial author Paul Angone back in 2012, describes our compulsion to constantly compare ourselves with others, producing unwanted thoughts and feelings that drive us to depression, consumption, anxiety, and all-around joyous discontent.

Comparing oneself to others isn’t anything new, but it’s a helluva a lot easier to do now (thanks to social media) than ever before.

You know the drill:

Rolling along, having a pretty good day, when – BAM! – your old college pal’s recent home upgrade or trip to Jamaica or baby announcement shows up in your Facebook feed.

Darn it. 

You know you should be happy for them – and maybe you are – but you also feel pretty shitty because your life doesn’t feel as “awesome” as theirs (looks) right now. Continue Reading…

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5 Ways to Invest in Yourself

invest entrepreneur health

I’m addicted to start­-ups. The thrill of turning an idea into a prosperous company is like euphoric high to my business ­bent brain.

My husband is always beckoning me to take a vacay from the start­-up “zone”, and spend a little time each day in the realm commonly  known as “reality”. Exchanging the excitement of an always­ demanding baby business, for the hum drum of day ­to-day life wasn’t a very attractive proposition; until, I collapsed on my office floor, flaming with a fever and unrelenting headache.

​Weeks (and weekends) of round the clock investment into this startup project had certainly taken its toll.

Entrepreneurs often fail to recognize that their business (especially, a startup) can only be as good as they are. We get so caught up in building an asset, that we forget to “make deposits” into our most important asset—ourselves. If you’re an entrepreneur, who compulsively sacrifices your well ­being for the good of your enterprise, I want to encourage you to join me in this “Invest in Me” challenge. Continue Reading…

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4 Tips for Creating a Healthy Home Office

home office

There are many benefits of working from home – autonomy, flexibility, no office drama, etc.

But one of the biggest – and least utilized – benefits of working from home is the ability to fully customize a healthy work space.

No more being crammed into that cold and dull “junior associate” office, or trying to wade through cubicle land just to send a few e-mails.

Work from home professionals can create a work space that maximizes comfort, health, and inspiration.

Are you ready to design a healthy home office?

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3 Mindfulness Tips for Entrepreneurs

mindfulness entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly tasked with managing high-stress situations – both professionally and personally.

“I can’t guarantee much about starting your own business, but I can guarantee that it’ll be stressful,” a pharmaceutical legend told my freshman class on eager-beaver business students.

Managing stress isn’t an elective – something entrepreneurs can just “get around to” whenever everything else calms down – it’s an essential part of every day.

While there are multiple strategies for effective stress management, mindfulness training is one element of success that I’ve found extremely beneficial in my own trailblazing career.  Continue Reading…