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Millennial Spotlights

Millennial Spotlights

Millennial Spotlight: Rachel Ritlop

Meet Rachel of The Confused Millennial!

​Rachel Ritlop is the founder of The Confused Millennial, a lifestyle blog for confused millennials trying to figure out this whole “adulting” thing and a contributing writer to Forbes’ Under 30 section.Rachel helps millennial bloggers and coaches looking to build an engaged audience on-line and turn their side hustle into their full time income as a business coach.​She has been seen in Fast Company, Dailyworth, Levo, and Brit + Co.

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Millennial Spotlights

Millennial Spotlight: Greg Rollet

Meet Greg of !

Greg Rollett is an Emmy Award Winning Producer and the founder of His mission is to help people to create things that make an impact in the world.

He currently hosts Ambitious Live, a cross between Good Morning America and QVC, that teaches you how to start and grow your business so that you can live a more Ambitious Life.

His new reality show, Ambitious Adventures, which features business lessons from young entrepreneurs who are changing the world, premiers Spring 2017 on Apple TV.

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Millennial Spotlight: Sarah Dale

Meet Sarah Dale of New Rosie!

Sarah Dale is an artist, filmmaker and advocate for military families and veteran caregivers like herself.

​Sarah specializes in using her creative skills to continue her journey of healing from secondary post-traumatic stress and help other military families find healing as well through projects such as: When War Comes HomeFlowers From the VA and more. Her advocacy work has led to her collaboration with organizations such as Hope for the WarriorsBlue Star Families and REBOOT Combat Recovery.

When not making art and films, Sarah is an actor and entrepreneur.

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Millennial Spotlights/ Millennials/ Money Matters

Millennial Spotlight: Jen Hayes

I’m Jen.  By day, I am an HR professional and by night, I am a frugal lifestyle blogger and freelance writer.

​I am passionate about helping fellow millennials to make smarter financial choices.  After I finished grad school in 2013, I found myself underemployed and buried in $75,000 of student loan debt.

A friend recommended Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover and I was hooked.  My husband and I are now hustling to pay off our combined $117,000 of student loans in just three years.  I write about getting out of debt, living frugally, and earning extra income on my blog Frugal Millennial. Continue Reading…

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Millennial Spotlight: Kali Hawlk

millennial spotlight

Kali Hawlk is a content marketer who helps business owners find their focus and share their unique value through compelling content.

​She teaches entrepreneurs how to tell their story in a way that resonates with the right people. She’s also writer who shares ideas and stories on business, finance, entrepreneurship, and living mindfully and with intention.

​She’s been featured as a financial expert for Millennials in many online publications including Forbes, Fast Company, US News, and Mashable. Continue Reading…

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Millennial Spotlight: David Carlson

Meet David of Young Adult Money!

I’m David Carlson, a millennial personal finance blogger and author.

​I currently act as the editor of the blog Young Adult Money, which I started four and a half years ago.

I published a book in May 2016 called Hustle Away Debt which is focused on helping people pay off debt faster through side hustles.

I also speak on personal finance topics and help companies market to millennials.

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Millennial Spotlight: Jessica Bishop

jessica bishop budget savvy bride

Meet Jessica Bishop of the Budget Savvy Bride!!!

Jessica Bishop is the creative director + founder of The Budget Savvy Bride, an online resource to help couples all across the world plan a beautiful wedding they can actually afford.

​Jessica has been nationally recognized as a Budget Wedding Expert, and regularly shares her money-saving tips and tricks with outlets such as BRIDES,, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and more.

​Jessica lives in New York City with her husband Eric and their two rescue dogs, Knox and Zooey.  Continue Reading…

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Millennial Spotlight: Lolita Taub

lolita taub hannah becker

Meet Lolita Taub!!!

​Little would you know, that behind her black blazer, white pearls, and 5 foot 1 inch petite frame, Lolita Taub is a Latina millennial leader shaking things up in the world of tech and business.

In the last 10 years, Lolita Taub has built her career in the Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley sandbox at companies such as IBM and Cisco. She also launched a social enterprise aimed at addressing global gender inequality in business, and merged it with a women-led venture capital fund. To top that off, she is a Huffington Post tech contributor, Forbes 30 Under 30 Finalist, TEDx and keynote speaker, and MBA Candidate at the world renowned IE Business School.

The thing is that Lolita is just getting started! Continue Reading…

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Millennial Spotlight: Nicole Abboud

nicole abboud lawyer

Nicole Abboud is a Millennial speaker, attorney, podcaster, and chief teammate at Abboud Media, a social media and content creation company for lawyers.

On her podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer, Nicole speaks with inspiring Gen Y attorneys who are finding happiness and success in their careers either as practicing attorneys or in alternative non-legal careers.

Nicole hopes to inspire Millennials to shake off their fear of being unconventional and embrace their unique voices.  Continue Reading…

Millennial Spotlights/ Millennials

Millennial Spotlight: Riley de Leon

riley de leon

Riley is a sophomore at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism pursuing a degree in strategic communications and entrepreneurship. Riley’s unlimited drive began in high school when he founded two non-profit organizations that, to date, have collectively raised over $100,000 in domestic and international benefit.

The Springfield, Missouri native was propelled into his career at 17 years old when he wrote his first book, Life’s not always written in Times New Roman, now published in 5 different countries. ​In addition to being a full-time student and now two-time published author, Riley continues to travel and speak about the importance of self-awareness and the challenges faced by young adults. He has been featured in The Huffington Post, USA Today, and on CBS News.

As a keynote speaker and mentor, Riley’s purpose is to inspire a generation of millennials, both the under-appreciated and the over-coddled, who are too easily discouraged by the world we currently live in, and activate them to overcome their fear of stepping up to change it. As a result of working with Riley, students around the world have experienced significant shifts in confidence.

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