3 Ways to Make Your Clients Fall in Love with You


You don’t have to be in business long to understand this truism:

Clients and/or customers are really, really important to the future of your company.

Without satisfied clients, your business has little hope.

Entrepreneurs must implement ways to connect with their client base and turn one sale into many sales.

Here are three ways to make your clients fall in love with you (and your business):

Give your clients more than they expected.

Everyone likes getting more than they’d bargained for.

I don’t care if it’s an extra $100 credit on a big ticket spa trip, or a stray curly fry in their to-go bag, customers love getting something for nothing. In consumer psychology, the strategy of giving customers something for nothing even has its own name – the Law of Reciprocity. The theoretical basis behind this psychological phenomenon is that if you give a customer’s something for free – a t-shirt, eBook download, free gift – they will feel compelled to give you something in return – i.e. sales.

A win-win for everyone. 

Sell your clients on the experience.

Everyone likes a five-star experience; even more so with the young demographic of card swipers – the millennials.

What you’re selling is good, but combine quality offerings with an amazing experience, and you’ve got a winning recipe. Don’t worry – an “amazing” experience, doesn’t have to mean the magical world of Disneyland – most businesses can implement creative experiential opportunities into their business model.

I frequent a BBQ joint that’s (quite literally) a time capsule for Midwest culture circa 1970-1980.  Old school décor, time stamped political posters, and even the music all takes you back in time. While the food is good, the distinguishing factor that keeps driving consumers to nominate this hole-in-the-wall restaurant for “Best BBQ in Kansas” is the “experience. 

Treat your clients like the special people they are. 

Everyone wants to be treated like somebody – and by “somebody” I mean somebody special.

Calling your customers by their name, asking about their family, and even just giving them your full attention when communicating can go a long, long way. All business, whether you’re selling trick trained llamas or financial products, survive on repeated purchases and customer referrals. By treating your customers like important people – not just another sale on this month’s balance sheet – you can greatly maximize customer satisfaction and retention. 

Come up with some “royal treatment” customer relations standards for both you and your team to follow on each and every sale. Answer questions like: How will the customer be greeted? What type of follow-up will be issued? How can we best communicate that we care?

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