How to Start a Business FREEBIE!

Early in my career, when I didn’t know an asset from a liability, I found myself wishing for a quick and easy “how-to” guide for starting a business.

“Why does it have to be this complicated?!” I loathed. 

Business plans, incorporation forms, financial forecasts, market research – would someone please make this process just a little simpler!

Good news! 

Intuit QuickBooks has answered the plight of the cash strapped entrepreneur, and produced a super cool (and totally FREE!) resource that takes all the hair pulling out of starting a business!

How it works:

This free online tool guides you through six key areas needed to start your business. Just answer the questions, like “where will your business be located?” and follow the prompts for access to all the information and programs necessary to successfully launch your dream business.

I love the tagline, “From setting up your business to actually running it, this guide will help you get it done.”

Scroll down to check out my journey through the How to Start a Business tool!


Getting set-up:

“What type of business do I need to set-up?” is one of the most common questions I hear from entrepreneurs. Sole proprietorship? C-corp? LLC? There are so many options! No worries – this online tool will walk you through the process of structuring your business and even help you process the paperwork.




Getting paid:

It’s not a business until you’ve made a sale!

The online tool helps you determine the best method(s) of payment for your new venture, and even gets you set-up to accept payments onsite or online with just a few clicks! Who’s ready to start making some money?


Create a website:

If you’re like me when I started a business, I was short on both cash and tech skills. Building my business’ website felt like pulling teeth – one can only take so many DIY Coding YouTube videos! The online tool provides you with a bunch of options for quick and easy (no experience necessary!) web design platforms. Some of them are even free! And don’t forget social media – the tool will walk you through top platforms as well to help take advantage of every available platform.


Accounting help:

Ugh…the dreaded “A-word”!

Accounting isn’t everyone’s favorite subject; however, it’s an essential part of your business’ success. Good news: the online tool makes it super easy and even a little fun (especially when you start making money)! Don’t get lost in the DIY accounts payable vs. receivable trap – let these user-friendly resources help you be the finance pro we all know you can be. 


Hiring Employees:

Growing a business is a team effort – there’s only so much one entrepreneur can do on their own. Expanding your operations to include staff can be both exciting and terrifying! Here are just a few of the nerve-wracking questions a newbie trep may face:

  • Where can I find good employees?
  • What forms do I need to fill out?
  • How much do I need to pay them?

The online tool has the answers, plus many, many more. And guess what – it’s state-specific, so none of those generic, irrelevant, legal jargon responses. 


Get Help:

It takes a village to start a business (or raise a child…sort of revamped that proverb). Accountants, lawyers, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs are all essential key players in your entrepreneurial journey. The online tool provides users with direct links to peer reviewed databases and referral networks in your very own community! Let the intros begin, and start selecting for your dream team!



Starting a business is a lot of hard work – there is just SO MUCH to do! The online tool allows you to focus on your business without getting bogged down in all the forms, finances and other “boring” stuff that accompanies new business development.

Entrepreneurs must remain focused, inspired and totally pumped to see their dream business turn into reality.  You can’t afford to spend weeks hunting down documents, reviewing regional laws and struggling through Coding 101 while trying to start a business.

It’s awesome to have everything you need to launch your business at just the click of a button.

And you know what the best part is?

It’s absolutely FREE!

Ready to get started? Check it out: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/how-to-start-a-business/
This post is sponsored on behalf of Intuit QuickBooks.

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