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Millennial Spotlight: Nicole Abboud

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Nicole Abboud is a Millennial speaker, attorney, podcaster, and chief teammate at Abboud Media, a social media and content creation company for lawyers.

On her podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer, Nicole speaks with inspiring Gen Y attorneys who are finding happiness and success in their careers either as practicing attorneys or in alternative non-legal careers.

Nicole hopes to inspire Millennials to shake off their fear of being unconventional and embrace their unique voices. 

1. Give us your “elevator pitch”:

Hi! My name is Nicole Abboud from Los Angeles, Ca, and I am former attorney who now helps fellow attorneys build valuable relationships with clients through content creation and online marketing.  I’m also the host and producer of The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast, where I get to chat with amazing young lawyers who are shaking up the legal profession.

2. What type of products of services does your business offer?

I believe that lawyers have so much to offer potential clients, if only these potential clients knew about them so my business focuses on offering social media and content marketing services, including blogging, video, and podcast production, to help lawyers establish stronger connections with those who need their services.

3.    What’s been the hardest part about starting your own business?

The most difficult part of starting my business has been dealing with the identity issues I experienced when I realized I did not want to practice law any longer (after 5 years of practice) and instead, wanted to start a business. I imagine this is something many others go through when they decide to completely pivot away from what they’re doing now in order to pursue what truly brings them joy. The second hardest part is the constant hustle to bring in those first clients/customers because it’s always more difficult to sell your services when you don’t have social proof.

​4.    When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, what do you do to unwind and refocus?

How I deal with stress really depends on the time of day. If I wake up stressed, I like journaling and writing down what I’m going through as a way of sorting through my feelings. If it’s mid-day, I enjoy going on a run. Nothing clears the mind like sweating it out. If I’m stressed at night, I love watching TV and unwinding.

5.    What resources have you found helpful in blazing your own trail?

The best resource I’ve come across that has helped me blaze my own trail has been podcasts. Podcasts in general. There is so much information and wisdom to be learned from the huge array of podcasts available in the world. They’re free, educational, easily accessible, and if you choose the right podcasts, they can be life-changing. When I first thought about switching career paths, I began consuming podcasts like they were going out of style. The conversations I heard and the insight I learned gave me the courage to start my own podcast. And then, my podcast is what ultimately led me to opening my own business.

Another resource that has played a big role in my productivity as a podcast host and business owner is Calendly, which is an online scheduling software. I’m a fan of organization and productivity and I hate the back-and-forth of trying to set a date for a meeting so using Calendly has made life easier.

6.    If you could spend one day with any famous person, who would it be and why?

Easy. Simon Sinek because I’m obsessed with his mind.  Just do yourself a favor: go search “Leaders Eat Last” on YouTube and watch him go.

​7.    What’s currently on your radar? Tell us about your latest project.

What’s on my radar right now is simply growth. I’m constantly looking to grow myself, grow my business, and grow my community. That’s where most of my attention and energy goes these days. One way I plan on growing is by working on my book. I’m in the initial phase of writing my first book (but that’s all I can say about it right now!).

​8.    What advice do you have for today’s millennial professional?

The best piece of advice I wish I had received (but somehow never did) is to not forget to bring your personality to work. As millennial professionals, many of us are just beginning our careers and we believe we have to act a certain way or speak a certain way in order to “play the part.” Well I can’t tell you how important it is to not let your personality fall by the wayside because that’s precisely what will take you far in life. Showing personality in your interactions and even in the work you produce will make you relatable and likable.

​9.    How can our readers connect with you?

  1. Website:
  2. Social media links:
    1. Instagram & Snapchat: @nic_abboud
    2. Twitter:@nicoleabboud

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