Holiday Gift Guide for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Christmas gifts under a tree

The holiday season is here, and with it comes lots of food, family, and non-stop shopping.

If you’ve got an entrepreneur in your life, finding that “perfect” gift for the business-minded trailblazer can be, well, challenging.

Thus, your friends over at The Motivated Millennial decided to put together a “Millennial Entrepreneur Gift Guide” with your entrepreneurial loved ones in mind.

Here are a few gift suggestions for the millennial entrepreneur:

Spa Day

Entrepreneurs can be a stressed-out bunch – ones who could always appreciate a great Spa Day gift certificate. Whether facials, massages, or rejuvenation packages are more their “style”, modern spas will have plenty of relaxing menu options. Does your entrepreneur travel a lot? Consider purchasing a Gift Certificate from a spa franchise, like Massage Envy.

Online Courses

Every entrepreneur appreciates some good ol’ fashioned Continuing Education (or maybe even some “New Age” CE – like online courses). Prepurchase enrollment or membership to business-focused education resources, like to our very own MPR Academy – DIY Marketing and PR for Busy Professionals, anyone?

Publication Subscription

Just because print media is (arguably) dead, doesn’t mean publication subscriptions are totally out of the picture.

HHere area few subscriptions that would make almost any millennial professional swoon:

Meal Service

If your entrepreneur is like me, cooking wholesome meals remains at the end of the far-reaching to-do-list. Consider purchasing a meal delivery service for the high powered young entrepreneur. While there’s a variety of options out there (some may be location dependent) here’s a few to get your search started: Blue ApronHome Chef, and Plated.

Universal Power Bank

There are few things more stressful for a busy entrepreneur to have their laptop or tablet die mid-client presentation, or get halfway across the country, to that tech conference they’ve been drooling over, only to realize they forgot their charger. Here’s where a universal power bank comes in – easily fits in a laptop bag or carry-on, and only costing a few bucks, this handy device could be a lifesaver for the on-the-go entrepreneur.

Standing Desk

Today’s techified entrepreneurs often work long hours glued to their desks, and as we all know (sitting is the new smoking), that much time hunched over a keyboard is NOT healthy. Consider purchasing a standing desk or standing desk convertorfor the busy entrepreneur in your life.

Need some leads? Here are all the dets on my standing desk – it’s awesome + super budget-friendly!


Happy Holidays!

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