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Should I Post This? Millennial’s Guide to Social Sharing

Social media is old hat to most of us digital natives – arguably having evolved into the millennial’s second language. Most of us post regularly on a variety of social media platforms without even thinking twice, much less thinking about the “appropriateness” of the post.

Today’s popular social media apps are all about being “in the moment” – from Twitter’s literal “Moments” to Facebook LIVE to Instagram stories – and we tend to think of our social content strictly in the present tense, neglecting any future implications of one’s digital footprint.

But recent reports indicate that we should put some thought into our online branding, as it might come around to haunt us in the future. 79 percent of job recruiters check out candidate’s social media profiles, and 70 percent of recruiters have even rejected candidates based on inappropriate content they found online. For those of us that are self-employed, similar consequences may surface when it comes to securing investors or prospective clients. Continue Reading…

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5 Challenges Female Professionals Face in the Workplace

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a career panel for graduating seniors. Following the Q&A sessions, I was approached by a handful of girls, eagerly peppering me with questions about what it was like to be “the only woman” in the very male dominated world of business.

Truth be told, after years of being “the only woman” in countless meetings, conferences, and educational events (minus the exec’s secretaries), I’d grown accustomed to being the only one wearing heels.

Women are grossly underrepresented in business leadership within American culture. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a study highlighting the reasons why women are passed over for promotions by the masses, and why female CEOs (currently at 4% of Fortune 500 leadership) are about as frequent a sighting as the endangered Lesser Prairie Chicken. Continue Reading…

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3 Ways Millennials Influence Business & Finance

Guest Contributor: Christine Sato

The largest generation in U.S. history has changed the way we look at business and finance through their entirely different values and perceptions of what is important in the world today.

​Millennials have embraced a wide range of lifestyles that has shifted the traditional models of what it means to be an adult member of the United States society.

Basically, what was important to their parents, most likely holds little to no value to the millennial or at the very least, ranks much lower in their list of priorities.

​Let’s look at three ways these shifting values influence the world of business and finance. Continue Reading…

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Getting What You Want in the Workplace

By Jen Oleniczak Brown, Founder of The Engaging Educator

There are some days I would like to clock the person that told me to follow my passion.

Seriously, hear me out – imagine being a person that was perfectly comfortable going to a survival job day in and day out. You go to work, you do your job, you go home. No thoughts about something more. No worries about potential or dreams or wants. Just 9-5, in and out.

(Un)Fortunately, I was and am a super motivated woman and started a company that teaches people how to be better communicators through improv – and one of the largest challenges in our students I’ve seen as a facilitator involves the very thing that pushed me here: wants.

​​So therein lies the question – do you know what you want? And even more – do you know how to get it?

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5 Tips to Help You Understand Millennial Psychology

millennial spychology

Guest Contributor – Veronica Hunt

Millennials are the most targeted audience with estimated $200 billion purchasing power in 2017. Naturally, it is the main reason why most of entrepreneurs strive to understand the psychology of these big spenders. Big companies generously fund Gen Y studies to be the first who get competitive data.

​Of course, there are some myths that characterize millennials as the Me Me Me generation with narcissistic features and pocket-vibration syndrome. Being a millennial myself, I do regard such claims built more on stereotypes and formed bias than real facts. You have to understand the millennial’s mindset and not just focus on separate negative features every generation obtains.

So, being tired of all accusations about millennials’ laziness and disloyalty, I’ve decided to involve psychology and the most recent studies on Gen Y profile. ​​ Continue Reading…

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My #WorkFromWherever Experiment

work from wherever entrepreneur on beach

On my own from a fairly early age, I’ve always prided myself on the ability to “outwork” just about anyone.

Whether it was college sports, my doctoral exams, a coveted internship, or running my own business, I always worked long and hard.

Assessing the quality of my work and its effects on my health and well-being was not something I was accustomed to.

Maybe I lacked self-awareness.

Maybe I lacked understanding.

Maybe I just didn’t know any better.  

For the past few years, I watched in awe as many of my entrepreneurial colleagues have let their office lease expire, converted their established business model to a virtual one, and packed their bags for an international excursion.

“Wow” I thought, “I could never do that.”

But I wanted to – bad. Continue Reading…

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4 Tips for Creating a Healthy Home Office

home office space

There are many benefits of working from home – autonomy, flexibility, no office drama, etc.

But one of the biggest – and least utilized – benefits of working from home is the ability to fully customize a healthy workspace.

No more being crammed into that cold and dull “junior associate” office, or trying to wade through cubicle land just to send a few e-mails.

Work from home professionals can create a workspace that maximizes comfort, health, and inspiration.

Are you ready to design a healthy home office?

Continue Reading…

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3 Mindfulness Tips for Entrepreneurs

female entrepreneur meditating on lake pier

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly tasked with managing high-stress situations – both professionally and personally.

“I can’t guarantee much about starting your own business, but I can guarantee that it’ll be stressful,” a pharmaceutical legend told my freshman class on eager-beaver business students.

Managing stress isn’t an elective – something entrepreneurs can just “get around to” whenever everything else calms down – it’s an essential part of every day.

While there are multiple strategies for effective stress management, mindfulness training is one element of success that I’ve found extremely beneficial in my own trailblazing career.  Continue Reading…

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Good vs. Bad Stress – Is There a Difference?


“I’m so stressed out!”

“I can’t handle this anymore!”

“I just feel like pulling my hair out!!!”

Sound familiar?

Yeah – we’ve all been there. 

Stress is a part of life, but especially so for the entrepreneur life.

Starting a business, I expected to be stressed out. I mean, no pain no gain, right? However, I was surprised by the different type(s) of stress I encountered as an entrepreneur vs. employee. 

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3 Tips for Making Your Home Office Your Haven


Fervently jotting down the dictated list of prioritized task and deadlines on a yellow legal pad, I proceeded to summarize the hour long skype­ session with one of my most valued clients.

Just another relaxing afternoon in the day of sweat pant exec, or so I thought. 

Mid­way through my “week 3 strategy” rotation, my 100+ lb. German Shepherd barreled through my half ­closed “office” doors and charged the mesmerizing laptop screen with the unbridled aggression of his carnivorous predecessors.

There went the web cam…

There went the café latte…

There went the meeting…

Continue Reading…