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4 Ways to Make Friends in Small Town Business

Today’s modern business scene conjures images of international exposure, World Wide Web maestros, and Just in Time shipping from the Orient with limited, if any, personal contact with the customer, suppliers, or actual community with which the business person spends their time.

However, even in this digital, efficient, and fast-paced impersonal business culture, there are those among us who run service operations or brick-and-mortar businesses based on personal interaction.

​While it is important and perhaps vital to be digitally astute even in this arena, the art of personal contact, especially in small town USA, is essential for success and growth.

​Here are some tips on how to make the most of your personal interactions and grow your professional network within a small town: Continue Reading…

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7 Networking Apps for Millennial Professionals

millennial networking apps

We live in a digital age – it seems as though everything is online these days, including networking. Forget Chamber Coffees, Meet and Greets, and the Elk Lodge; millennials are networking, but they are doing online.

While popular social media platforms – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- can be used for networking purposes, they aren’t really set-up for developing professional network, and one’s attempts to “connect” can come across as rather spammy.

Good News: There’s a variety of network-specific apps with easy-to-use connectivity functions and a user base of like-minded professionals eager to grow their networks.

Here’s a listing of seven networking apps every millennial professional should explore: Continue Reading…

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7 Conferences Millennial Entrepreneurs Should Attend

millennial conferences

We’ve all been there – at that lame ass conference hosting nothing more than mediocre speakers, flopped networking, and high parking fees.

Don’t get stuck wasting time at not-worth-the-money conferences.

You’re a busy millennial professional – you’ve got places to go, things to do, and a business to run! 

Ensuring conference quality is key when scheduling out your year. 

Here’s a list of 7 favorite conferences for millennial entrepreneurs that can help you plan your next CE:

Continue Reading…