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7 Networking Apps for Millennial Professionals

millennial networking apps

We live in a digital age – it seems as though everything is online these days, including networking. Forget Chamber Coffees, Meet and Greets, and the Elk Lodge; millennials are networking, but they are doing online.

While popular social media platforms – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- can be used for networking purposes, they aren’t really set-up for developing professional network, and one’s attempts to “connect” can come across as rather spammy.

Good News: There’s a variety of network-specific apps with easy-to-use connectivity functions and a user base of like-minded professionals eager to grow their networks.

Here’s a listing of seven networking apps every millennial professional should explore:

BIZZABO is the prefect app for optimizing your conference experience, while minimizing your post-conference exhaustion. At many of today’s busy seminars and networking events, there simply isn’t enough time to meet everyone, much less get through the speaker line-up! This app allows you to virtually introduce yourself to everyone in attendance (speakers, fellow attendees, and sponsors) through in-app messaging and even lets you schedule a time to meet in-person. No more searching the crowding conference floor for that one personClick here to download.


Collecting contact info is key to maximizing every conference experience. Once collected, you still have to make sure all those business cards you’ve collected are organized and added to your digital contact list.  Here’s where CamCard comes it – just take a picture of someone’s business card and you are done! It’s a great way to store info. Note: this app seems to be a little “New Agey” at some of the conferences I’ve attended, and throws some older professionals for a loop. I find it best to exchange cards at the conference, and then categorize my collected cards with this app afterwards. Click here to download.


Looking for some easy to schedule one-on-ones or lunch hour networking within your LinkedIn network? CityHour syncs with your LinkedIn profile and connects you with other professionals looking to meet face-to-face to talk shop. In just a few taps, you can connect with someone new and schedule a time to discuss career goals, ask important questions, or learn more about a specific role or company. Beats going back and forth through messenger or trying to track them down via good ol’ e-mail. Click here to download.


Want to exchange business contact info, but don’t want to carry (or maybe you forgot to carry) business cards? Contxts can help! This app lets you to share contact information rapidly through email, text message, or bump technology. Best part? It’s totally free! Even if you’re a big business card person, installing Contxts as a “back-up” business card on your phone can be really helpful. Click to download.


If you’re anything like me, all the new faces and names at a networking event can get rather overwhelming. And there’s few things more embarrassing as running back into someone you just met, but are unable to remember their name, where they are from, or any of the other stuff you just chatted about earlier in the day. The Namerick app can help, as it allows you to quickly record a name and write down notes concerning that person, like what they are wearing, when and where you initially met, and any additional identifiers. Click here to download.


Similar to Contxts, PushDot provides another electronic way to organize and save new contacts. Even if the other person doesn’t have the app, you can still send your information in a professional manner and show them how technologically advanced you are. I haven’t replaced my mainstay business cards with apps like PushDot, but believe them to be a great networking add-on.  Click here to download.


Swiping isn’t just for dating – it’s also for networking. I love Shapr’s tagline: “Swipe for 1 minute each day and make the connections you didn’t expect.” By using their patented algorithm, Shapr is a mobile-only platform that helps you to connect with 10 to 15 inspiring and relevant professionals per day. Best part? You can swipe anonymously and only receive a notification when the interest is mutual – no spammy or unsolicited request to chat. Click here to download.

​Ready to network?

Hopefully, these recommended apps will help streamline your networking efforts and grow your contacts.

Did we miss any must-have downloading apps? Include your favs in the comments below!

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