7 Job Hunting Resources for the Military Spouse

job hunting military spouse

Few professional communities experience the un- and underemployment rates of today’s military spouses and caregivers.

At present, over 90 percent of military spouses are un-/underemployed, earning a mere fraction of what their civilian counterparts are able to bring in.

As a recently transitioned military spouse, I can attest that the job outlook doesn’t exactly improve when your family moves into the veteran community, especially if you’re tasked with post-war caregiving.

Such realities are the unfortunate plight of many members of the current military community. Some studies cite the ever-growing civilian-military divide, others blame poorly constructed workplace policies as the source of such widespread discrimination.

While I hope the employment struggles of today’s military and veteran families will resolve through effective community and government initiatives, the reality for many military spouses is that they need a job, like, yesterday.

If you’re a military or veteran spouse slugging through an unhospitable workscape, here’s a few networking groups and organizations that can help you network your way into your dream job:

 Career Military Spouse

Perhaps one of the most active military spouse networking groups, Career Military Spouse’s Facebook Group is a must join for spouses involved in all industries.  Regular remote job postings, social networking, and on-demand, military-focused career advice are just a few things that make Career Military Spouse a group favorite. To join, go to: .

Caregiver Career Network

If you’re a past or present caregiver for a disabled veteran/wounded warrior, consider joining the Caregiver Career Network on LinkedIn. It’s a great place to talk caregiving meets career, and connect with others tasked with picking up the pieces of life after war. To join, go to: .

In Gear Career for Military Spouses–Virtual Chapter

In Gear Career is a nonprofit program of Hiring Our Heroes and the U.S. Chamber Foundation that offers lots of resources online. The In Gear Career for Military Spouses–Virtual Chapter Facebook Group has been a personal fav – you should check it out! To join, go to: . In Gear Career also has installation-specific chapters with accompanying Facebook groups that you can search and join for more localized networking and resources.


While not a non-profit initiative, MadSkills provides a job posting platform for virtual/remote positions for military and veteran spouses. You can search through a variety of regularly updated positions listed by military-friendly employers and easily apply directly through their site. Major advantage for using MadSkills over their non-military, flexible job board competitors? Applicants are not charged a dime! Check out the current job listings at: .

Military Spouse Employment Partnership–MSEP Spouse Group

With over 6,000 active members, the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP)’s LinkedIn Group is the military and veteran spouse’s go-to resource for position leads and career resources. Be sure to explore both the Conversation and Jobs tab once added to the group. If you, like me, prefer LinkedIn to Facebook, the MSEP Group may be right up your vocational alley! To join, go to: .

Military Spouse Networking

The Military Spouse Networking Facebook Group is a pretty well-moderated community of career-minded military and veteran spouses from all branches. Whatever stage of career development you find yourself in, Military Spouse Networking can be a great way to virtually connect with other #milso members within your professional community.  To join, go to: .

MilSpouse Coders

MilSpouse Coders is an awesome Facebook Group for military spouses learning how to code or are involved in the tech industry, providing a free platform for spouses to gain new, and highly marketable technology skills! Collaborate, network, and get plugged into all things technology meets military life.  MilSpouse Coders literally saved my computer science pursuits through their incredibly supportive network and super helpful resources. To join, go to: .

Did we miss a career resource for military and veteran spouses?

Include your favorite links in the comments below!

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