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5 Resources for Millennials Interested in Serving on Nonprofit Boards

Millennials are all about giving back – we support socially conscious brands, practically invented crowdfunding, and are repeatedly reported to be one of the most financially generously generations in American history.

But what about giving back to our community?

What about giving back through our professional skill set?

What about serving on a nonprofit board?

Truth bomb: I didn’t have any interest in serving on a nonprofit board until I was invited. I assumed that was simply something retired professionals and politically-inclined individuals sitting on a cushy pension or salary used to fill their time; I had no idea it was even an option for young professionals like myself.

Since serving on multiple nonprofit boards, I’ve begun to recognize the value such a career investment offers, not only to the board member, but also to the community. The more diverse the representation, the more effective an organization can become. By incorporating millennials into the nonprofit sphere, organizations can leverage Gen Y’s unique talents and perspectives to assist with transitioning their mission into something relevant for the next generation.

Here’s a rundown on how the board member benefits:

  • Opportunity to give back to their community
  • Increased network connections
  • Exclusive event invites
  • Possible stipend (not all boards all compensated)

Here’s a rundown on how the nonprofit organization benefits:

  • Greater impact potential through member’s networks
  • Improved strategy at low to minimal costs
  • More community awareness
  • Ensure organizational mission and work remains relevant

So how does one go about finding nonprofit board openings and get selected for the position?

Let’s look at a few websites that can connect you with board opportunities:

​Board Member Connect

Board Member Connect is like a dating site, just for board positions. Sign up, fill out a profile, and let their program match you with a possible opportunities! Click here to sign up.


Similar to Board Member Connect, boardnetUSA™ allows users to create a profile and take advantage of their platforms matching service to connect with opportunities. Click here to sign up.


LinkedIn is an often overlooked resource for millennials interested in serving on a board. List “board service” as an interest in your LinkedIn Summary and be sure to fill out the Volunteer Experience & Causes section of your profile. Click here to update your profile.


Idealist is a great site for searching both nonprofit job openings and board positions. They also list a lot of remote opportunities, something that could be great for the digital nomads out there. Click here to search opportunities.

​ is one of the most user-friendly nonprofit platforms available; I particularly like their ability to simultaneously search interests and locations (virtual included). Click here to begin your search.

Did we miss any board matching resources? Include YOUR recommendations in the comments below!

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