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5 Mentor Matching Sites for Millennials

Cultivating supportive mentoring relationships has been a total game changer for my career.

Benefiting from my mentor’s insightful input into all my major professional decisions – both employed and entrepreneurial – has provided much needed encouragement and guidance as I navigate my professional journey.

Finding an experienced mentor that’s a good match can present quite the challenge, especially if you’re a young professional just now building your own network.

Good news: there’s several mentor-matching websites available to millennial professionals for FREE!

If you’re currently seeking a mentor to help guide you along your entrepreneurial career, consider these five mentor matching sites:


If you’re a member of the military community (service member, veteran, or spouse), eMentor is a must. Free to utilize, this web-based mentor-matching program connects experienced mentors with protégés – just fill out your online profile, search the mentor database, and start connecting! According to recent studies, military affiliation can present many unique challenges to one’s professional journey; it can be incredibly helpful to have a mentor that understands the nuances of military life + career.

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MentorCity is a web-based mentor-matching service providing mentors for entrepreneurs, students, and nonprofit organizations. While the platform provides services for professionals in a variety of stages of career development, their digitally-based mentoring program can be a great convenience for busy entrepreneurs. Just create a profile, find a mentor, and unlock the power of a support professional relationship!

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for innovative business mentors to help guide you along your startup journey? Check out MicroMentor – a free, easy-to-use social network that allows entrepreneurs and mentors to connect so they can solve problems and build businesses together. There’s no revenue minimum or other developmental exclusions for protégé participation; if you’re interested in starting a business – big or small – MicroMentor is for you! FYI: I volunteer as a Startup Mentor through MicroMentor.

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Million Women Mentors®

If you’re a female student or professional pursuing a career in STEM (entrepreneurship included), consider joining the Million Women Mentors® (MWM) program. The MWM is all about empowering female professionals around the globe. According to their website, 1.8 million mentoring pledges have been made, and over 800,000 mentorings have been completed through their initiative. While they do not match protégés directly with mentors through their site, they do have a directory of localized STEM oriented mentoring programs that may be of assist.

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Backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE is a phenomenal program that specializes in matching small business owners with rising entrepreneurs. It’s a great site if you’re interested in locating a local mentor or supportive chapter. Additionally, mentors are available from over 60 different industries, so the odds of finding a mentor with relevant industry experience is great.  Mentoring advice through SCORE can be delivered both online an in-person.

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Depending on your currently employment situation, some corporate employers will offer mentoring programs in-house. Consider checking industry organizations for mentor programs you may be eligible for, as many of these programs are included in mentorship dues. Also, an old school reach out to an admirable professional, requesting a mentoring relationship may not be a bad idea.

As you develop in your own career, don’t forget to return the good karma by volunteering your time as a mentor to less experienced professionals. Just as the old adage says “it takes a village to raise a child”, it takes a community to build a career.

Did we miss mentor matching site that you’ve found helpful? Include your recommendations in the comments below!

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