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3 Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy

Like many young professionals, I wear a lot of hats – business owner, college professor, graduate student, caregiver, etc.

And like many millennials, I’m really into eating healthy and staying fit.

It’s hard to “do all the things” while maintaining a healthy diet (and did we mention “budget-friendly”?).

While I may not have time to prepare home cooked meals every night, nor maintain a half acre garden of organic produce, I do have several options available to make eating right a whole lot easier.

So if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with work/school/everything else, and are interested in improving your diet in a way that doesn’t wreck your busy schedule, here are three options out there to help you meet your health goals:

Meal Subscription Service

Possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread, meal preparation kits provide healthy recipes and pre-measured ingredients so you can prepare gourmet meals at home, without ever having to go to the grocery store.  Most of the services are available at $9.99-12 per serving, and require somewhat of a time commitment (i.e., you can’t just order one meal, one time).

Here’s a line-up of my five favorite subscription services:

​Online Grocery Shopping

Several of the big chain stores offer online shopping options that allow you to place your order online and either select grocery delivery (typically at an additional fee), or pickup your order in the store. While WalmartKroger, and Whole Foodsoffer this service in my area, I’ve only tried Walmart’s in-store pickup.

Financially, it was a great way to save some money, as some of the deals are online exclusives; but time-wise, it didn’t really save me much time. I don’t think the employees at my local Walmart (it’s kind of rural) had fulfilled an online order before, so it took them a good half an hour to sort through the “I already paid for this” pickup process. I plan on trying Kroger and Whole Foods next.

​Once a Month Cooking

Okay, this one’s my least favorite, mainly because it requires an entire day out of my weekend once a month, plus the purchase of a deep freezer (and the space to put it). While the whole “once a month cooking” concept certainly isn’t new, it’s easier now than ever, thanks to convenient meal planning apps like AllRecipes. Their app lets you select your favorite recipes and then generate a shopping list.

Another favorite monthly meal planning resource is Once a Month Meals website. They’ve got a great database of recipes suitable for shopping and cooking just once a month.

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