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3 Reasons Why Traveling the World is the Best Career Decision that You Can Make Before 30


Guest Post by Charlene Rhinehart

Pressing pause and leaving the corporate casino to travel the world may sound scary, especially if you are a young professional still trying to make a name for yourself. But traveling may be the best thing you can do to maximize your future growth potential and impact. You don’t want to reach your 40s and 50s not discovering what you wanted to do when you were younger. It happens all the time, but you have a strategic opportunity to change this doom and gloom career behavior and make your mark on the world by going beyond the constraints of the world that you occupy every day. 

Save your money, allocate the time, give up all the excuses, and start planning your next travel destination. What do you have to lose? Take advantage of the plate of possibilities that you have at your disposal before you are stuck in the rat race, are pinned down by family obligations and lose confidence in your ability to dream bigger than your current circumstances.
Ready to exponentially boost your career potential? Here are three reasons why traveling the world is the best career decision that you can make before you’re 30: 

Traveling allows you to discover who you really are and what you really want.

Traveling allows you to leave all the external voices behind and connect with your authentic self in order to form meaningful connections. Every interaction gives you the autonomy to define who you are and what matters most to you. Traveling will expose you to people who have found happiness in the joy of doing what they love and you will suddenly get the courage to follow the path that feeds your heart instead of trying to take a bite of pieces of life that logically makes sense to everyone else. 

International travel allows you to spread your career wings and unlock your potential.

Who said you had to settle down and find the career of your dreams by 30? Instead of stressing about finding the perfect career to invest your time in, learn about multiple industries that fascinate you. Traveling allows you to expand your database of career options and create a path that is uniquely your own. 

Travel moves you from your comfort zone into your challenge zone. 

Comfort is the enemy of achievement and the best friend of mediocrity. If you want to make huge leaps in your career and make your mark on the world, you have to embrace the challenge zone. From finding the cheapest and safest place to sleep as a solo traveler to learning how to communicate with others using your limited foreign language knowledge and non-verbal cues, traveling will expose you to a different challenge that will instantly change how you view the world.

Traveling allows you to take on experiences that expand your capacity to stretch yourself beyond what you think you are capable of and you become stronger and more prepared for leadership because of it. Challenges allow us to bring out another piece of who we truly are–allowing us to provide an additional layer of value and career confidence in the workplace and as an entrepreneur.


Travel as much as you can to expand your mind and the world around you. When you are in your 20s, you have more flexibility in your career and it’s easier for you to make those heart throbbing decisions that can change your life. Who knows what’s possible for the future if you fail to take advantage of the present? 

About the Author:

After being the first Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to win the title of Ms. Corporate America 2015 in a pageant held in Orlando, Fl, Charlene Rhinehart created the Career Goddess Academy to help female millennials attract career success and a lifestyle they love. Charlene has been featured as a contributor to The Huffington Post, Your Coffee Break, Addicted2Success, Ms. Career Girl and other publications on the web.  Connect with Charlene on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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