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15 Must Follow Millennial Bloggers

millennial bloggers

Blogging is one of the top media platforms in today’s digital world.

​It’s replaced many traditional forms of media, such as magazine subscriptions and industry journals. Instead of relying on media conglomerates to provide us with informative and inspirational content, millennials are turning to blogs – and their favorite bloggers.

While there are thousands of “top” bloggers on the ol’ interweb, here are my 15 all-time favorite millennial bloggers:

Ashley Stahl

Ashley Stahl’s AH-mazing blog post e-blasts are literally my favorite thing to receive in my inbox. From job hunt tips to heart strings inspiration, Ashley’s content is incredible. Regardless of your professional goals or season, Ashley’s blog has got golden nuggets of truth just for you – check it out!

Chelsea Krost

Millennial Influencer and Speaker, Chelsea Krost is internally known for her #MillennialTalk Twitter chats and digital presence.  She also maintains a vibrant millennial-focused blog – click here to check it out!

The Confused Millennial

Rachel Ritlop blogs all things millennial over at The Confused Millennial – one of the hottest new Gen Y feeds online! Covering topics such as worklife balance, career and business tips, and lifestyle hack, Rachel’s blog has a little big for everyone – click here to check it out!

Gone with the Wynns

If sailing across the ocean mid-hurricane or trekking the Alaskan tundra is your thing, the Gone with the Wynns blog is a must-read. Follow millennial travelers Jason and Nikki Wynn as they explore the globe, paying for their travels as they go. Click here to learn more!

Jason Bay

Millennial entrepreneur, Jason Bay, runs an amazing blog + podcast resource over at Gen Y Success. If you’re looking for some super savvy productivity hacks and business acumen, check out Jason’s blog and be sure to read his Millennial Spotlight.

Justine Santaniello

Justine Santaniello is a millennial lifestyle expert and media personality (learn more about Justine’s career journey in our Millennial Spotlight) that runs a fabulous blog over at Just Haves. I’m a huge fan of her fashion guides and life hacks.

Life After College

Jenny Blake shares millennial-friendly tips and resources for life, work, money, happiness, personal growth, and productivity on her blog, Life After College. If you’re a recent graduate that’s found yourself going WTH?Life After College may be just the resource you need – check it out!

Local Color XC

If travel, writing, or retro RVs are your thing, you’ve got to connect with Mel and Carson of Local Color XC. Exploring the United States with Costello (their dog) and Elsie (their super swank camper), these millennials will have you ready to join the nomadic movement after just one blog post – click here to read more!

Lost Gen Y Girl

Kayla Buell is a millennial career goddess – her book Corporate Survival Guide for Your Twenties is a must-read! And her blog is equally amazing – learn more at: Lost Gen Y Girl.  Explore her millennial-friendly career tips TODAY!

Mallie Ryzdik

Mallie Rydzik is a creative business genius. From tornado scientist to executive coach, Mallie’s tried and true tips for running a successful business make her blog a true entrepreneurial must-have – click here to explore! You can also learn more about her career journey in our Millennial Spotlight series.

A Millennial Marriage

Explore the world of marriage with Maggie and Derek Reimherr, two 20-something newlyweds navigating their way through a very millennial marriage. From budget-friendly date night ideas to weeding keepsakes to communication tips, the Reimherr’s Millennial Marriage blog is a personal fav – click here to check it out!

Millennial Money Man

Bobby, at the Millennial Money Man, is all about empowering our generation towards financial success.  From student loans to saving for retirement, the Millennial Money Man blog is a GREAT resource for millennials.

Sarah Jo Bohnenkamp

Sarah Jo Bohnenkamp is a millennial coach and leadership consultant that’s best known for her rockstar #EpitShit Challenge.  Sarah Jo provides a wealth of knowledge +unique perspective for today’s millennial professional. Plus, she’s got a pretty fantastic blog – check it out: The Lead Mare .

Thin Difference

The Thin Difference is one of my all-time favorite blogs. Founded by author and executive, Jon Mertz, Thin Difference provides outstanding content on all things: leadership, generational, and inspiration. Click here to check it out!

Whitney Hansen

Be it travel, money or entrepreneurship, millennial finance expert, Whitney Hansen, covers it (I’m totally crushing on her budget-friendly international travel guides)! Click here to read her blog and be sure to check out her Millennial Spotlight.

Who’s YOUR favorite millennial blogger?

Include your favorite Gen Y blogs in the comments below!

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