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10 Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs Should Join

entrepreneur facebook groups

I joined my first Facebook group way back in 2013.

I can’t remember what it was called but know it had something to do with business.

The digital space was just picking up steam as an entrepreneurial hub, and many of the widespread social courtesies we experience today weren’t really “widespread”, yet.

Needless to say, that well-intended business-focused Facebook group quickly became overrun with a steady stream of shameless self-promo leading to a feeding frenzy of tabloid-like social spats and virtual pissing contests.

Bottom-line: it wasn’t helpful.

Chances are, you’ve experienced a Facebook group like the one I described – slap full of catty and critical users deadest on filling the feed with a near-constant stream of “Hire Me” and “Buy My Product”. Such social strategy doesn’t help anyone along in their career, nor does it offer much in terms of good publicity for the unscrupulous user. 

Good news: not all Facebook groups are bad; in fact, when well-managed, a Facebook group can serve as a valuable support resource for today’s busy entrepreneur.

To help you cut through all the not-so-awesome groups, and find one that offers an environment conducive to professional development and growth, I’ve compiled a listing of a few of my favorite entrepreneur-oriented Facebook groups:

Being Boss®

Originally created for listeners of the “Being Boss” podcast, the Being Boss® Facebook group has since been opened up to entrepreneurs across the globe. Their three simple group guidelines pretty much sum up the group “feel”: 1) Give more than you take, 2) Contribute with authenticity and generosity, and 3) Don’t be an asshole.  Click here to join.

Blogging Boost

Whether you’re a diehard lifestyle blogger, or simply interested in adding a monthly blog post to your do-it-yourself business website, Blogging Boost is a great resource for staying on top of all things “blogging”. In addition to helpful content, the group hosts Blog Promo Mondays, providing members a wonderful opportunity to increase blog traffic and connect with other bloggers! Click here to join.

Freelance To Freedom Project Community

The Freelance To Freedom Project Community is focused on freelancers and solopreneurs, making it a wonderful place for startup or side hustling entrepreneurs to start! The large online community is an excellent place to connect with potential collaborators, contractors, and even clients. Click here to join.

Ladypreneur Community

Sporting an impressive online member directory, the Ladypreneur Community is a wonderful resource for female entrepreneurs seeking peer to peer support. Extremely well-managed (no annoying promo allowed), this group offers daily prompts along with regular discussions about navigating online entrepreneurship. Click here to join.

MPR Academy

Yes, this one’s mine, so if you haven’t gotten enough “Hannah” from reading The Motivated Millennial blog, feel free to join the convo over at the MPR Academy. We focus on crowdsourcing entrepreneurship challenges and encouraging others to realize their business potential. Click here to join.

Online Business BFFS

Online Business BFFS is a community focused on online entrepreneurs and creators. Hosted by Melyssa Griffin, it’s rather large membership (60k+) may seem a little daunting at first, but offers a wide collection of valuable digital strategy and solopreneur content. Click here to join.

Savvy Business Owners

Founded by Heather Crabtree, the Savvy Business Owners group hosts an impressive community of over 10,000 female entrepreneurs. My experience with the group has been consistently positive – it’s well-monitored. While the group is free, it does require an e-mail sign-up at: bit.ly/MyFreeFBGroup . Click here to join.

Social Media Masterminds

While I don’t post often, the Social Media Mastermind Group is a great place to find quick answers to your most-pressing social strategy questions. Thanks to their handy search box option, I find it easy to stay on top of social trends by searching content for relevant conversations. Click here to join.

Rising Tide Society

As detailed in their group description, the Rising Tide Society’s Facebook Group is focused on “educating and empowering Creatives Entrepreneurs to thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition”. Informative Q&A, coupled with a variety of resource recommendations (like the Rising Tide’s annual conference), characterize this vibrant online community of 60,000 members. Click here to join.

Totally Profesh

One of my latest favs, Totally Profesh is designed for “Bloggers, influencers, content creators and self-starters who want to make money and be totally profesh.” Excellent resource for digitally savvy professionals working with big brands or just wanting to take their content quality to the next level. Click here to join.

Did we miss a favorite Facebook group of yours? Share the link in the comments below!

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